Minutes for Timber Meeting 16.10.2016

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Minutes for Timber Meeting 16.10.2016

Postby Shortstuff » Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:04 pm

Minutes of Meeting 16/10/16

Start time 10am

Martin Monaghan
Stephen Wiltshire
Jon Keefe
Peter Harper
Simon Jansma
Jamie Talbot
Paul Gretton
Neal Rutty
Jo Rutty

The main topic of discussion for this meeting was centred around the proposal of a “new” volunteer agreement which the FC have requested all timber members sign on joining.

Due to the FC implementing a nominated contractor matrix any design and building will be undertaken by their designated contractor. This, at present, means that restrictions may inhibit the work which can be undertaken by Timber. A way to get around this is being sort after and the FC are aware that we would still like to go ahead with various projects that have already been planned.
The FC have a higher budget this year which can only be seen as positive however this could also mean that any smaller jobs around the trails may be more difficult to obtain authorisation for. Also this means that coming into the trail building season we currently have nothing either planned or authorised which is quite disheartening.

A copy of the original Timber constitution has been passed onto the relevant party within the FC and a draft volunteer agreement will be made available soon.
Potentially, if we don't get this right, we could lose members on the premise that they don't agree with all of the FC ideals but there is no reason why we can't be both an FC workforce and a trail build group so until such time as both parties have agreed on the content we will unfortunately be at a stalemate.

It has been decided that a meeting needs to be arranged again with the FC to clarify as to what work we can actually do in the interim. Moe to arrange and advise of date.

It has been put forward to the FC that the rocks at the end of the new section are still dangerous and the exit should be moved.

Timber Leaflets need to be reprinted as we have all but run out, Peter to update content and arrange.

A new facebook page to be set up for members only which will be more Timber focused, the original will still be left in place for general chat, selling of goods etc. Paul and Simon to organise and police this.

On the plus side, paid up members are now up to 100 and we also have had some interest from corporate sponsors. It has also been noticed that certain businesses are using our facebook page as a form of advertising so they should also be approached for sponsorship.

Meeting closed 11.15am
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