Thetford Improved Mountain Biking EnviRonment

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Winter Series Round 2 2014/15


Approaching this race with a little trepidation following my last excursion into racing (a 'little' off resulting in 3 months off work), my primary aim was to finish in one piece.  I went for a sighting lap and the conditions were good, a little moist in places, the lap was just under 8 miles long and took me 45 mins at a steady pace. I made it to the start, took my normal position at the back, waited for the countdown... and we were off.  I'd forgotten how fast the start of the two hour race is and soon lost sight of the main group.

The course took in all the usual bits, down plumbuster, dartboard, past the fenced off area, parallel to the main road, parallel to fireroad 6 and other bits I don't know the name of! The first lap started well, then it started to rain, light at first then heavier and heavier, dropping the temperature and morale. The ground conditions changed from good in most places to slippery, energy sapping and downright messy in under a lap.

Second lap started and I hadn't been overtaken by the fast riders in both the 4Hr and 2 Hr classes, and settled into personal battles with a few riders around me, some pulled away on singletrack, others I caught. Soon the leaders started passing me, most of them really courteous, some breathing so hard they couldn't speak.

At this point I knew three laps would be my limit, both physically and time wise, so I was determined to complete these laps but it was getting harder and harder, tyres squirming for grip then feeling like the brakes were stuck on.  This got progressively worse, and at one point on my third lap I felt I had hit the wall.

A fellow Timberite came flying past and gave encouragement that helped me continue, very slowly at times, but on I went.  Looking at other riders, some had the gaunt look off 'what am I doing here/when will this end' the racers still had their race faces on, covered in mud though.

The final corner was a welcome sight and I was more than relieved to cross the finish line, it was over, no more pain but I had finished, which was my goal. Checking the results I had finished a lofty 77th out of 91, but I had riden for the whole two hours.

Looking at the results from the comfort of home there was a top 10 finish for one member and others finished 22nd, 27th, 39th and 79th in thier respective catagories, so well done to everyone who entered.

Richard Hall (rshall)


Mud Sweat & Gears - Thetford, Round Six


We will be playing host to the sixth round of Mud Sweat & Gears over on FR24 (off A1065 north of Brandon).  Matt, Graham and team put on fantasic events, especially with the work they put i encouraging youngsters and the ladies events.  Together with this they are huge advocates of reinvesting in the sport and to that end they will be donating a substantial figure to TIMBER post event which we will obviously be reinvesting in the trails n which we all ride.

Not only will we need marshals on the day but there will be quite a bit of preparation work on the course in the next few weeks and with set up and break down on the day. So could all TIMBER members make every effort to put a few hours in somewhere along the line to support the MSG event and ultimately support TIMBER.

Keep an eye on the forum for details. Thank you all in advance for your efforts!

Martin (Moe)


Forum discussion: http://www.timbermtb.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2956



Membership Renewal


With the AGM just having passed us, it is a sign that yet another successful year of activity has drawn to a close - and I think we can most certainly say it has been an interesting and productive one! Our continued progress over the past 12 months is solely  due to the sheer hard work undertaken by our members.

I hope, as we enter into a new year, we will still have your full support in order to help mountain biking within Thetford Forest become a much greater experience.

I confirm that the membership renewal fee remains at £10.  If you wish to renew your membership, you can click on this link RENEWAL.  As a member of TIMBER, you will have access to discounts on products and services provided by sponsors and affiliates.

Additionally, once you have given your time at a ‘Build Day’ for 24 hours in the year you are entitled to a free High Lodge Discovery Pass which allows you free parking at High Lodge for a year.



Forestry Operations


The High Lodge Area is currenty undergoing extensive thinning and felling operations, this has all been planned to minimise distruption to the cycle trails and other public access to the forest. Inevitably though there are areas that are out of bounds for periods of time.

Although these operations may be inconvenient, they are a necessary part of forest life. Please obey the signs and do not enter these areas even during the evenings and weekends, as depending on weather conditions (and even market conditions), the crews may well be working extended hours. Any 'near misses' or conflicts with machinery or contractors and public encroaching onto operations areas will only cause delays or worse (machinery v cyclist? .... the machine WILL win!). Please allow the crews to complete their work as quickly as possible and stay out of the area while operations are ongoing.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

High Lodge information: http://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry//INFD-9DLLD3

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TIMBER MTB is the volunteer trail group in Thetford Forest working with the FC to improve the trails

Trail Conditions

Fair To Good. Short Beater has a few puddles at start and end, Lime Burner a few shallow puddles in usual places but generally good
Updated by rshall 3 days ago.

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