Friday, December 15, 2017

"Thetford Improved Mountain Biking EnviRonment"

TIMBER MTB is the volunteer trail group in Thetford Forest working with the FC to improve the trails

Vice Presidents

The honorary role of TIMBER MTB Vice President (VP) is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to TIMBER and the trails in Thetford Forest.

John Gould, Roger Powell, Adam Godwin, Graham Elliott

John Gould VP Since 2009

Reason for award John is a local who cares passionately about the Forest. He was TIMBER's first chairman and pivotal in setting up the organisation. He was chairman for a number of years when it wasn't much fun and led us though some rocky times. TIMBER wouldn't exist without him.

Roger Powell VP Since 2011

Reason for award Roger has been a top contributor to TIMBER since the early days. He's held a number of posts on the committee and regularly attended build days where recently he's been busy badgering passer-bys into joining. Roger was made Vice President in recognition of his continuous support given to TIMBER.

Adam Godwin VP Since 2011

Reason for award Adam works for the Forestry Commission and was responsible for the cycle trails in Thetford Forest before his recent move to Glentress. His support was invaluable in helping us achieve more in recent years, allowing us to work independently and getting the Kanga Loader to work with. His award is in recognition of the belief and guidance we received from him and others in the Forestry Commission.

Graham Elliott VP Since 2012

Reason for award Graham is a well known character in the local MTB scene and has been involved with TIMBER on and off since it's inception. He took over the chairmanship at a difficult time for the club and soon set about improving matters. His achievements are numerous, including improving our relationship with the FC, getting us a container for tool storage and setting into motion actions that allowed us to use machinery on the trails. This award is a small token of thanks from us for all his hard work.


Our sponsors are very important to us. Without their help and support, our job would be much more difficult.