Monday, January 22, 2018

"Thetford Improved Mountain Biking EnviRonment"

TIMBER MTB is the volunteer trail group in Thetford Forest working with the FC to improve the trails


Join Timber

Please consider joining TIMBER to help us improve the trails in Thetford Forest. Membership is open to mountain bike enthusiasts of every discipline and their families and friends. We charge a small membership fee annually per person to help cover the basic costs of tools, maintenance and insurance.

Annual membership fee is £10

Members benefits include participation in a range of organisational activities, including but not limited to volunteer events, group rides and socials. If you volunteer 24 hours at build days you can apply for a High Lodge Discover pass from the Forestry Commission allowing free parking at High Lodge.

Members benefit from liability insurance. TIMBER members are covered by third party liability if involved in an incident while on build day, club ride or at a volunteer event. The membership fee is due upon joining TIMBER and is then paid annually in April.

Companies can support our work by applying for corporate membership. If you have any problem with the website or membership process please contact the membership secretary and/or treasurer.

Join Timber


Our sponsors are very important to us. Without their help and support, our job would be much more difficult.