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More awards for TIMBER!


It's a tradition that TIMBER chairman, once they have reached their lofty position, are awarded in some way for their efforts. so past TIMBER chairman Berm Bandit has received several awards for his work in Thetford Forest including a position in British Cycling (bit of a come down to be honest).

Now finally current TIMBER chairman Martin Monaghan (we call him Moe) has received the recognition he deserves winning Volunteer of the Year from the FC at the Recreation and Public Affairs awards. To win Moe had to fight off stiff competition from a number of others and was the only person to have multiple nominations! This is to recognise the huge contribution Moe and TIMBER have made to the FC and is a way of them saying thanks.

Moe has been a long time TIMBER member, helping with build days, litter collections, trail inspections and attending regular cycle trail development meetings at the FC. In his spare time he also organises running events, but we've forgiven him for this.

His trophy - which comes complete with fetching helmet and backpack - is engraved with the initials RPA which stands for Recreation and Public Affairs and not Right Pain in the Arse. Here he is receiving his award.


Forest Operations


Current forest operations mean there are various closures to the trail network, please do not ignore the warning signs or no entry signs.  Due to the proximity to High Lodge the possibility of operations continuing outside of normal hours is high so please do not assume work will have finished for the day.  Any incursion of 'unathorised' persons into the operating area causes delays so do not be responsible for slowing up the operations.

We are currently planning on how we can improve or even renew the trails once the felling/thinning is complete.  If Timber were not involved there would have been little chance of salvaging anything let alone improving on the trails so if you would like to be a part of shaping the trails you love to ride just go to the membership page and join the crew!

Current harvesting here:



Do not get in the way of this baby!


New TIMBER Supporter!


We are pleased to announce that TIMBER MTB are now sponsored by Tattoo ArtBased in Bury St Edmunds they are pleased to help you out with any enquiries or aspects regarding having a tattoo or piercing. They can offer a TIMBER member discount of 5% for pre-booked appointments.

The help we receive from our corporate members is invaluable to us. They help cover our trail building costs including tools and fuel for running machinery, so please show them your support by visiting our sponsors page http://www.timbermtb.org/website/sponsors


More refurbished trail on the Lime Burner


This photo shows a new section of trail that was refurbished by volunteers at the weekend. You have a decision to make on the trail to go either left or right. This section was worn out and gets muddy in wet weather, hopefully the stone will make a difference - time will tell. Expect further improvements in this area of the forest in future.

TIMBER MTB are a independent group of volunteers working to improve the trails. If you want to see improvements in the forest, consider giving some of your time - we always need more help!


TIMBER MTB is the volunteer trail group in Thetford Forest working with the FC to improve the trails

Trail Conditions

Dried out well since rain on Saturday
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