Thetford Improved Mountain Biking EnviRonment

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Skills Coaching with Tony 'Jedi' Doyle


Master the trails and super boost your confidence on your bike!

We have arranged two dates for group coaching sessions with UK Bike skills for TIMBER Mtb members, see the thread on the forums for more details.  Limited places so book soon!

Saturday 2nd February 2013 & Saturday 9th February 2013 - For more details of the training see UK Bike Skills

Pay for training here

Moe hits the trails like never before!

Pay for training here


Thetford Cyclo-Cross Enduro Sun 2nd September


Update: The event was a success - read the write up on the British Cycling website

The Eastern Cyclo-Cross Association organise the Tour of the Cornfields sportive every year. They can't do it this year, so instead in association with TIMBER (thanks to a little G magic) they are organising an alternative in Thetford Forest - details below.

The Eastern Cyclo-Cross Association and Timber are promoting a new event this autumn that should appeal to a wide range of riders. The Cyclo-Cross Enduro is a new concept based on the MTB Enduro/Marathon format.

The 4 - 6 mile course will be based in Thetford forest utilising fire roads and wide tracks so whilst all 'off-road' not technical at all. The senior races will be held over 45 - 50 miles so a longer test than normal for cyclo-cross. This should see bunching of riders which might interest those with road racing skills. If the conditions are dry the circuit should be doable on a road bike with sturdy tyres although probably best to leave the carbon wheels at home. Of course the event should interest Mountain Bikers who fancy a new challenge.

The event will be run under Cyclo-cross regulations so there will be equipment pits. There will be a prize list for the usual Cyclo-Cross categories.

The Eastern Cyclo-Cross Association are organising the event to raise money for their successful youth development programme.

Timber are a trail building and advocacy group looking after the trails in Thetford Forest and working closely with the Forestry commission to improve the cycling experience for all in this the largest lowland forest in the UK. All monies raised will go directly to supporting their work.


Mildenhall Timber Inter Club Meet


The date for the September Off-Road Champs event between TIMBER and Mildenhall Cycling Club is now taking place at 10am on Sunday 16th September 2012 at FR7 in Thetford Forest.

It will be a 1 hour and a lap - a bit of fun but good practice for racers, and a good introduction for non racers who can compete at their own level, with no pressure.

Hopefully members will be able to come along in numbers to make a real event of it between the two clubs.

10am on Sunday 16th September 2012 at FR7 in Thetford Forest


New Baffles installed


After much thought and planning the new baffles have been installed at the heads of the Lime Burner and Beater Trails (previously Black and Red).  These will now hopefully go someway to disuading cyclists using tagalongs and or trailers from entering the trails largely unsuited for anything other than solo Mtb's.  We have used the timber supplied by the FC  to install a narrow entry at the Fire Track and then another four timbers forming chicanes just in front of the split of the two trails.  Beyond that just inside each of the two trails we positioned more narrow entries.  An added bonus here was the opportunity to dig some drainage in behind the timbers without leaving them exposed to catching any cyclists wheels.

Looking back up the trail

We still have plenty more timber so hopefully we can use them to put in more narrow entries where the Lime Burner and Beater trails cross the family orientated Shepherd trail.

Future features planned include some step ups (or down) to add to the early trail sections. Thanks go to Tom, Pete & Martin for their time and efforts during the morning.

New Trail Header Baffles


TIMBER MTB is the volunteer trail group in Thetford Forest working with the FC to improve the trails

Trail Conditions

Very dry, fast, loose, scary and fun. A few of the pits very sandy in the bottom and exits - you have been warned!
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