Thetford Improved Mountain Biking EnviRonment

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Kanga Training vol.2


Hurrah! We now have the 2nd wave of Kanga pilots trained and raring to go!

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The weather almost ruined the day, but we managed to get everything covered in between light showers.

Thanks go to Mark for another excellent training session and helpful tips on loading the trailer!

Thanks go to the FC for going with us and allowing the training, to be followed by BOMAG training very soon. I don't know what BOMAG stands for, but 'Beast Of MAGnificence' can't be far off! Mark gave us a quick demo before we put the Kanga to bed and it looks like being an incredible asset!


Review of the AGM


After much badgering the TIMBER AGM 2012 at Santon Downham was well attended. There was the usual problem with access and lack of keys, but once that was sorted it was down to business, and a change of chairman.

Graham (accompanied by his better half, presumably to make sure he didn't volunteer for any more jobs), reminded us of the aims and objectives of his tenure and what had been achieved. He then gifted the club a trophy in the shape of a spade to be awarded annually to a worthy volunteer for their efforts.

There was then a unanimous vote for Moe to take over the post, closely followed by votes for a largely unchanged committee. Moe explained that his aims were to continue Graham's good work and to seek to "dual" the trail network which will make trail maintenance easier.

Chairman Moe then awarded Graham an engraved ("Ex-TIMBER chairmen still take it up the Berm") silver pewter flask to thank him for all his hard work over 2 years. Graham departed in a hurry some time later, we're guessing to get to B&Q before closing time, in preparation for his next role as a DIY slave.

Discussions then started into the level of subs (up to £10 - sorry) and other controversial subjects, such as the shape of the car stickers and what to do about babies riding the red route?!

Overall a successful AGM with a well organised hand-over to the new regime. Keep an eye on the forum for the meeting minutes.


Membership Renewal 2012/13


It's April 2012 and so it's that time of year after the AGM when we ask you to renew your TIMBER membership.

As agreed at the AGM we're putting up the membership to £10 to help cover our running costs. However as a member you will be able to claim a TIMBER t-shirt for no extra cost. We'll get these made up when we have a clearer idea of numbers.

There are some other changes this year. We will no longer be sending out membership cards through the post. You should receive a personalised membership certificate by email when you join. You can print this off and use it with id whenever needed. This is all to save some admin.

You can renew your membership here


Agenda for AGM 2012


Agenda published: Agenda for AGM 2012

All members standing for Chair must post their manifesto for the 2012 term.


Can all attendees review these prior to the meeting.

The AGM is an open meeting - however voting is restricted to members only.



TIMBER MTB is the volunteer trail group in Thetford Forest working with the FC to improve the trails

Trail Conditions

Trails are all very wet but the Beater is usable although the long route is now fenced off due to continuing forestry work. Lime burner=MUD.
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