Friday, February 12, 2016

"Thetford Improved Mountain Biking EnviRonment"

TIMBER MTB is the volunteer trail group in Thetford Forest working with the FC to improve the trails

Monday Night Rides

Brandon Country Park
(All year round, all conditions)
Meet in Brandon Country Park Car Park

7:00pm for 7:15pm Start

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Trail Conditions






A big improvement over the week with Beater almost totally dry and fast. Limeburner is ok for the main but a few damp bits in the usual areas.Sadly started raining as I left with more forecast tonight. Go ride.

Updated 29 January Westerburg High

Current Trail Building - Updated Sat 6th February 2016


The Bracken Pit

Refurbishment work has started on the Bracken Pit (9th Jan 2016). Good progress made by trail crew, expecting section to remain closed until mid/late February. First section finished awaiting rock to complete second part.

Tent Peg update - (Sat 6th Feb) Some repair work has been carried out to the existing line. Rain had washed some of the surface stone away, we replaced this with rock and added rock support to roots across trail. A second exit line has been installed, its currently closed until bedded in, nice challenge for riders.

Tent Peg


Trail Head Feature (qualifier)


Madgett's Pit Rock Features and Berm


Previous Trail Building

New Season

With summer slipping away here at High Lodge (Thetford Forest) and the holiday makers heading back down the A11 it’s time again for the trailpixies to get busy.  Over the summer it might seem there has been little activity on the trail building front but in fact a lot of good work has been taking place which will set the wheels in motion for TIMBER Mtb to install some much more interesting and challenging features to the Lime Burner trail in the near future.

Emma Rawlinson, the FC cycle ranger has helped us and other stakeholders put in place a robust process plan which will see a good level of continuity in all future planning and trail projects ensuring that regardless of staff changes within the FC, volunteers present and future will be able to continue working without any disruption due to organisational changes.

That theory is to be put to the test imminently as Emma, who has worked at High Lodge for the past ten years (the last three or four years as the cycle ranger), has recently taken a new role at Santon Downham in the planning department.  While Emma has been in her current role not only has she been instrumental in putting together the previously mentioned plan she has been a very proactive and hands on supporter of TIMBER Mtb, championing the volunteers at every opportunity, spending time to go visit other trail centers and bringing ideas back even getting out on some build days and not to mention having shouted loud enough to ensure the trails were allocated a bit more of the budget pot. She will be a great loss to TIMBER but she has been instrumental in putting trail building on a much more secure footing in our patch of forest and for that Emma deserves huge thanks.

In recent weeks some of the rocks have begun to be installed and although it may be some time before the section will be open and even then it will be only a short section, it’s a start and the plans are already well advanced for further projects which will all add up to a much more entertaining and challenging experience.  All that is needed is the enthusiasm of enough willing volunteers to enable us to keep the momentum rolling with regular build days and to help us keep everything running smoothly. So if you’d like to have a hand (and a say) in the future of High Lodge cycle trails please come along and join the crew!

We look forward to meeting you.

Martin (Moe) Monaghan




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